Giving our mate the title today in recognition of his win at Living History Farms this past weekend.  He was informed by race officials that he is the first Nebraskan to win LHF overall.  I’m sure if this is not correct one of our multitude of field correspondents will let me know.  In any event, Matty P gets some huge kudos and cred for a remarkable achievement.  He’ll be taking his wheels to Seattle soon, can’t wait.

The Omaha Run Club annual meeting/run/party was cool yesterday.  I was pleased to present Tom Whitaker and the ORC with our Contributor of the Year award, our highest honor for making a positive difference in the Nebraska running community.  Tom came out for all of our races this year to do the timing and results.  And he did it for the good of everyone expecting nothing more than a donut and a coffee.  Tom Whitaker, we salute you!

I was also digging the ORC Hall of Fame inductions.  Greg Carlberg and Jim Hall.  Greg I knew about, he was TNB’s very first Honorary Member back in 2003, in recognition of his being the first native Nebraskan sub 4:00 miler.  Jim is a delightful fellow that used to wreak havoc on competitive fields around the midwest.  A sub 30:00 10K guy that took on all comers and usually handed them their butts.  I got to speak with Jim and learned a lot more about when Real Racing dominated the local scene.  It was a natural segue into my brief report on TNB’s achievements this year, and our aspirations moving forward, how we would be chasing the legacy of both of these honored athletes.

Always a great crowd at this gathering.  The ORC has made significant strides in their road race management as well as programs for the entire community.  A survey of the room is like a who’s who in Omaha running.  You can tell who really makes things happen and who gives the most, I’m proud to not only be a member but also to be meaningfully engaged with such positive people.

Thursday’s Turkey Trot will see the fastest male road 5 Mile ever in Nebraska.

And again, how about that Matt Pohren!

This is how you Race up a steep, muddy bank.  Matt is a Real Stud!  Photo courtesy of Doug Wells.

These cats wouldn’t give it to Matt without a fight.  Matt wouldn’t have wanted it any other way.  Doug Wells photo.