Today is my 1000th column under Run Guru Says.  Over 3 years of putting down my daily thoughts for your consideration.  I hope that in some small way I have either entertained or enlightened you.  It has been my joy to share and to realize that there are many, many people that follow my musings.  So in this time of reflection and appreciation, I am most thankful for YOU readers that help to bring out the very best in my words.  It has been a long journey and well worth every step and mis-step (although I could have done without a few of the latter).

I was born on Thanksgiving Day in 1957.  Thus it has always been my most favorite holiday of the year.  For those of you that might think 54 is old, over the hill, out to pasture, gold watch material, think again.  I’ve still got enough spunk to love you/race you/fight you for the next 50 years.  I can only wish the same boundless enthusiasm for a long, full life to all of you.

Have you ever seen a 5 Mile race run in the 23’s?  Not temperature, minutes.  Come on out to Fremont tomorrow morning and you’ll see David & Peter do just that.  The field will be stacked with mates looking to celebrate their fitness going into Club Cross.  Schneider, Jacob, Logsdon, Anderson, Kephart, maybe Pohren and Mollak, catch them if you can!  Going to need to run under 26 minutes just to make the top 10, oh my!  And here in Omaha Ben Schultz & Jen Viehrig will be kicking some waddle at the 1st annual Joslyn Turkey Trot.  Gobbler Giddyup!!

Don’t forget to remember/honor our Native American brothers and sisters, their sacrifice and suffering that should never be lost amid the celebrating.

35 years ago I had hair, guns, and abs.  I could whup you then, now I’m a lover.  The hair may be gone but I’m thankful that I have my dad’s genetics for life long fitness.  54, the new 34?