The Most Fearless man in the world, Jeb Corliss.  Has to be.  Check out this short video on You Tube if you aren’t one of the 6 million people to have already done so.  My jaw is still dropped.

Yesterday was a great day to be a runner in the Omaha Metro.  Over 50 people showing up for the Life Time Fitness turkey jog.  Gary had 30 of his closest friends out for a run and pictures.  Over 200 showing up for the Omaha Run Club jog around Zorinsky.  Haven’t heard the numbers for the Joslyn Turkey Trot or the one in Papillion and  I think there was also an organized TT race out at Zorinsky.   That’s a lot of runners any way you shake it. The weather could not have cooperated any better, that’s for sure.

We were discussing Fremont over dessert last night (Linzer Tart & Huerradura Anejo).  There were a lot of people that walked/jog/ran the 1 mile and two mile (and a couple did race).  But Everyone in the 5 Mile was there to Race.  No walkers and seemingly few joggers.  It was over before you knew it.  Interesting observation.  And the racing was hot if not well organized.   A couple of positives from the race:  1) You could select a reduced entry fee if you didn’t want the T-shirt.  2) The long straightaway finish.  That is where a lot of the Real Racing happened (and feelings got hurt, sniff).  If I didn’t/couldn’t out kick you I shook your hand and thanked you for pushing/pulling me to a greater effort instead of crying about it.  Here is a video from the Fremont Turkey Trot:

Emily Kraus took the overall female at the Kearney Turkey Trot.  Ben Shultz was 3rd at Joslyn (no full results available at press time), Jen Viehrig also Raced and surely did well.  Hope to have more comprehensive results this weekend.

Hope you are enjoying time with family/friends/loved ones today.

Cory Logsdon & Justin Mollak pull away on the final stretch yesterday.