Want to start off by thanking Killer Coach for the encouraging words yesterday, you too Matt Schneider.  Glen let me know that cumulative fatigue was to be expected and Matt knows how the inside of my head works.

I ran the 4K time trial this morning in 16:29, a full :15 faster than my initial time, I am very happy.  What a difference a day and some good karma can make.  I went out hoping to hit the first 1/4 in :95, it was :93, I settled down and had it pretty much dialed in at a steady 6:36 pace the rest of the way.  While it was a bit windy out at El Parque Estado Dos Rios, it was easy for me to keep going, knowing that this final workout would validate the efficacy of the program, this one’s for you Glen!

My client Carrie is learning a thing or two about distinguishing efforts.  The suttle differences between, Running, Real Training, Racing, and every pace in between.  She indicated that she couldn’t wait to finish this training cycle so that she could go back to Regular Running.  There is a time and place for both of course.   She’s going to rock Disney in just 5 more weeks.

I’ll be heading out very early manana for St. Louis but will be providing updates on a regular basis.  Please do check in as there are always highlights and good fights and long nights.


I have been up in the Arch only once before but will go again this week.  Back in 2004 I was part of the administrative team that put on the USA Women’s Olympic Trials Marathon in St. Louis’ Forest Park.  I went to the top with running legends Nina Kuscik, Carol McLatchie, and Julie McKinney, a trip I’ll always cherish.