Giving some early thoughts as to what I might be resolving for 2012.  I’ve got a few that should make for a happier, sunnier me.  But as they say, the road to hell is paved with good intentions.  It’s not the codification but the delivery that counts, I’ll choose my personal goals carefully enough to be able to fulfill them.

Professionally it becomes a lot more fun if no less difficult to achieve.  I hope to continue to elevate the status of Team Nebraska to the highest echelons of USATF Elite Development Clubs.  Foremost on that front will be Major Success at the USA Club T&F National Champs in July.  And even loftier, hope to have a top 10 finish for the Good Mates at the National Club XC Champs next December.  We have the talent on this team to achieve it, its a matter of me pulling things together that will make it happen.  Getting everyone on board the same ship headed to the same horizon.  Taking team pride to the next level.

I also hope to continue the growth in participation of our Team Nebraska road/trail/xc events.  We had 504 entries for the 2011 Ni-Bthaska-Ke Trail Run and are capping entries at 600 for this coming April’s 6th annual.  The Big Blue Run 5K has unlimited potential and it is still our goal to make this eventually as big as the Race For The Cure.  If we get a friendly schedule from the Huskers our Swamp Stomp & Monster Dash should also benefit nicely.

Our Omaha Endurance Group outreach grew this year too in the 4th year of the program.  The growth attributed to opening it up to the entire running community instead of being limited to membership at a particular local health club.  We had 40+ show up for most of the summer months, we have room to grow and Everyone is welcome for this weekly fellowship and training.  Look for some new twists and turns around the oval and beyond in 2012!

Getting some good feedback for my top 10 list, keep them coming!

Only two spots remain for my one on one Spring Marathon training program, the online portion remains open to all.  Better hurry if you are interested,


I’m resolving to be one cool cat in 2012!