Had a good crew of 10 show up for this morning’s run on the Wabash.  Bummed that the trail was closed at Dumfries cutting it to only 11 miles.  Nice of David Adams to come over from Lincoln for the run, he and los dos Matts (Pohren and Heesch) led the rest of us on a cold morning.  Welcomed Jackie Parker to the ranks.  She’s joining mates Justin Mollak, Cory Logsdon, and Emily Kraus in Boston this spring.  Thanks to Agustin Delgado and Dan Knobbe for hosting the incredible desayuno.   Dan formerly cooked at Dixie Quicks and his skills in la cocina were enjoyed by all.

David ran the 3000 at last night’s NWU meet in Lincoln, took third in 8:25.  We’ve got a bunch of mates racing at the Wayne State Alumni Meet today, I’ll get those results up as soon as I get them.

I’m going to hit the mid 50s for mileage this week, getting my groove back after a nice lay off and laying on of winter fat.

Want to race?