For the Soul.  Just finished a very easy 5.5 with my old buddy John Tully.  Wet and cold but we don’t mind.  Perfect day for my home made chicken soup, the aromas wafting in from the kitchen have my taste buds doing a little Pavlovian dance.

We let John set the pace this morning, he was incredulous that I was having a bit of a time keeping up.  Thursday is our “off” day, an easy 5 at what might Lydiard might have described as “massage” pace.  The legs certainly feel better post run than when we first started.  Very therapeutic, just like my soup.

Got to catch up with my old, old buddy and SDSU Head Coach Rod DeHaven last Friday night.  We did a little reminiscing about his USA Half Marathon Championship at Parkersburg, WV in 1998.  I asked him if he still had the “creepy doll” that was part of his prize package.  Race Director Louie Hare came up with the idea, the American Girl Doll Co. is based in Parkersburg.  Rod and Libbie Hickman were the prohibitive favorites for the race and Louie had the company make dolls in both of their likenesses.  They were presented up on the awards podium, more than a little creepy to be holding dolls featuring their own faces.  And most of you should remember that Rod went on to represent the US at the 2000 Sydney Olympic Games Marathon.

Below are the entrants in tomorrow night’s USA Indoor National Championships 3000.  Our David Adams goes in with a 3rd seeded qualifying time for the distance but will have his hands full with both Bernard Lagat and Lopez Lomong, as well as Galen Rupp.  If one of those 3 has an off night, David has a great shot at a top 3 finish.  Giddyup Good Mate!

Men’s 3000m
With Qualifying Mark
Galen Rupp Nike  7:40.87
Benjamin Bruceun, attached7:59.10
David Adams, Brooks / Team Nebraska 7:59.53
Brian Harvey, Boston Athletic Association 7:59.76
Christopher Barnicle, unattached 8:00.82
Matthew Williams, U.S. Air Force 8:02.48
Justin Tyner, Falcon Distance Project 8:02.81
Bernard Lagat, Nike 13:07.18*
Lopez Lomong, Nike, No Time