A little bit of this, a little bit of that.

Good luck to Jacque Parker at this weekend’s Cowtown Half Marathon in Dallas.  She’ll be making her debut in the Red & White.  She’ll also be running the Boston Marathon.

And if you’re headed to the Boston Marathon do me a big favor and sample the “Samuel Adams Boston 26.2 Brew”.  You’ll get to enjoy a great beer and feel good about adding to my little nest egg.

We’ve just committed to the Shamrock Shuffle Elite Team Challenge.  Sunday, March 25 in Chicago, we’ll be sending our most fit mates to battle the Best of the Best of the Midwest and beyond.  Looking at last year’s winning time we are “In It To Win It”.   Five can enter with top 4 scoring.   David Adams, Luka Thor, Matt Pohren, and Matt Schneider have been selected.   We’ll be sending a fifth as well, tbd.  Going to be a sweet payday for the Good Mates.
1st $3,000
2nd $2,500
3rd $2,000
4th $1,500
5th $1,000

Adams, Thor & Pohren will also be doing the Dash for the Diamond on March 10.  Schneider is racing the Leprechaun Chase the same day, Eric Rasmussen will join him in an effort to lead the lads to the tape.  Good tune ups for all.

Matt Pohren and Luka Thor have been training together.  They meet at my house and are cranking out some incredible workouts.  Pohren is a stud and always returns amazed at how Luka runs him into the ground.  Schneider is grinding out lonely, difficult miles on his own further North.  This is going to be a Great Spring for them all.

Luka  has been accepted into the USATF Men’s Athlete Development Program for the USA 25K National Championships in Grand Rapids, MI on May 12th.   He’s passing on a win at the Lincoln Half Marathon in order to compete against the Very Best competition in the U.S.   Our buddy Greg Meyer does a great job with the race, it remains one of my most favorite on the national champs circuit (and certainly the Amway Grand Plaza is at the top of host hotels).  Both Linda Barnhart and myself have had success racing there too.  Linda previously claiming the Masters National Champ title, me the 50-54 back in 2009.

That leaves the Lincoln Half Marathon a race between Pohren and Schneider.  And whomever else toes the line of course.

We’ll have several mates running the Nebraska Wesleyan Indoor Open this weekend.  Andrew Jacob, Cory Logsdon and Cheto Cerda among others.

Wow!  A great new comprehensive calendar for just about anything that involves elevating your heart rate: http://nebraskaendurancepage.blogspot.com/ Nice work!  Nebraska has needed something like this for the last umpteen years.  Let’s hope there is an interested sponsor that can help develop this into The regional resource it has the potential to be (ala Runner Triathlete News in the South and Southwest).

Good luck to my dear sweet Alli at today’s Metro Community College Culinary Arts Challenge.  They’ve got a solid team and menu, the competition will be heated and some big prizes at “steak”.

And finally, Go Get Em tomorrow night to David Adams.  We’ll all be watching online or monitoring the race by whatever means we can!