We’ve got our squad set for the Shamrock Shuffle- Adams, Schneider, Pohren, Thor, and Kern.   And I’ve just accepted an invitation to return to Hospital Hill for their Team Challenge on June 2nd.  Another big prize money opportunity, but the full menu of amenities are also a big draw.  Housing, meals, etc., always a first class effort.  Pohren, Thor, & Schneider + a couple more, top 3 score, and yep, we’re In It To Win It!

Speaking with the event yesterday I found out another USATF Nebraska Competitive Club will be racing the hills.  I couldn’t be prouder of the Lincoln Running Company for fielding a team and sending them down to compete with the best of the best.  Logan Watley is doing some Very Good work and I’m thankful that Team Nebraska is finally getting a chance to mix it up with someone other than ourselves for a change.  They don’t have a big roster yet but those that are on board are serious about competing and we all welcome that.

Most of you know that I wear another hat, I’m also the USATF Nebraska LDR Chair.  Within that capacity it is my responsibility to encourage the formation of other LDR clubs, promote our USATF Nebraska Association Championship races, and advocate for competitions among those LDR clubs at said Championship races.   First up of course is our 12K Trail Championships, hope to see All of our Nebraska LDR clubs representing.

Incredible workout this morning.  I anticipated it with some dread but now that its done I’m relieved and completely beat.  Seventeen miles with 40 X pick ups of various distances and recoveries- all described but Top Secret.  I’m looking forward to lunch and a nap.  And I’ll not apologize for napping.