We are all still abuzz about David Adams’ performance yesterday.  Here is a list of the top finishers up to and including Always a Mate Mike Morgan:
1. Abdelaziz Atmani, 30, Indianapolis, IN       23:17 PB
2. David Adams, 23, Lincoln, NE                 23:21 PB
3. Abdi Abdirahman, 35, Tucson, AZ              23:30
4. Thomas Frazer, 30, Lake Forest, IL (IRL)     23:30 PB
5. Jeremy Criscione, 24, Sterling Heights, MI   23:32 PB
6. Mike Reneau, 33, Saint Paul, MN              23:36 PB
7. Jordan Fife, 28, Bloomington, IN             23:39 PB
8. Adu Dentamo, 25, Bloomington, IN             23:42 PB
9. Jed Christiansen, 25, Greenville, PA         23:43 PB
10. Robert Scribner, 26, Sterling Heights, MI    23:52 PB
11. Tyler Sigl, 26, Green Bay, WI                23:57
12. Brandon Bauer, 25, Westerville, OH           23:58
13. Mike Spain, 24, Normal, IL                   23:59
14. Kyle Brady, 23, Naperville, IL               24:01 PB
15. Willy Kaul, 25, Naperville, IL               24:02
16. Mike Morgan, 32, Sterling Heights, MI        24:05

A lot of personal bests listed and all the more amazing is David notching Abdi in his belt.   Abdi  will run the Olympic Marathon in London this summer after placing third at the Trials in 2:09:47, so that makes it quite the accomplishment.  Those that would listen heard me picking David for a top 3 finish, wonder what I know?

I attended the 65th birthday party for Gary Julin and Ron Olsen on Saturday night.  It was a who’s who of distance running history for Omaha and Nebraska.  A lot of talk about performances past and about how Omaha used to be a hotbed of Real Racing talent.

It is again.

When was the last time 4 guys from Nebraska all ran under 5:00 pace for an 8K or 5 Mile race?  We had 4 Team Nebraska athletes do it yesterday morning.  I couldn’t be prouder of David, Matt Pohren, Luka Thor, and Matt Schneider.  I was particularly impressed with Schneider.   He ran a :58 personal best for 8K.   The race also had a certified 5K point marked which he passed in15:24 for a :05 personal best for that distance.  Pohren and Thor passed that mark in 15:03, David some :30 faster.

To quote Schneider “Who’d have thought a rag tag group of hicks from the sticks could hang with the true elite (professional) teams in the midwest! Boom! We are all fired up.”

I did.

Real Racing.

Gary & Ron are proud of you Good Mates.  They and the rest of the revelers Saturday night are watching and smiling, happy that you are stepping right up and not only filling their shoes but surpassing their own laudable accomplishments.