Ronnie Montrose was the front man for the band “Montrose” as well as playing with legends Edgar Winter, Boz Scaggs, and Sammy Hagar.  One of my favorite songs from the band in the 70s was today’s column title.

It ends there.  I can’t stand to have anything sticky on me, especially when its hot and sweet.  (Unusual for a guy that has put honey in his coffee every morning for the last 35 years.)  For example today’s run was maddening from the Clif Shot that oozed onto my hand.  Wouldn’t spare the precious drinking water to rinse off so I suffered, building temperance and character I hope.

Acclimating to this heat builds character too.  As the temps climbed into the 70s (coincidence that Ronnie was rockin about that time?) it became more and more difficult to proceed with the workout.  We did get it done though and a big thanks to our mate Christina King for hopping in for the last 3 miles.    Speedy girl with a new found mileage base, she’ll be rocking the State Farm 5K this weekend.

Seventeen miles via five West loops, good for developing mental toughness.  Saw a few snakes, and one skunk, but no nightcrawlers.

We’re loading up the State Farm 10 Mile this weekend too.  Some people to test their fitness, some to make a point.  I’m not sure what happened at Sunday’s Shamrock Shuffle but Luka Thor returned with a silent vow.  This kid doesn’t like to get beat and I’m expecting some Great Things through the rest of 2012 for him.  Los Dos Matts (Pohren & Schneider) will also have the quick turn around and hit the 10, look for some of the fastest times in the history of the race.  Justin Mollak, Cory Logsdon, Cheto Cerda, Agustin Delgado, Andrew Jacob (5K), and a host of other men, Lauren Klima, Stacy Shaw (the sheriff) and local debuts for Jacque Parker and Natalie Como as well as many others.  I’m anxious to see that sea of Red & White after they turn around at the 5 mile mark.

Tomorrow evening is the USATF Officials Clinic at Burke HS in the cafeteria.  6:00-9:00 pm, looking forward to seeing everyone there that has signed up.  Please be aware that you will need a 2012 USATF membership, you can get that by going to or the old fashioned way by paper tomorrow.  If you do go online, please feel free to select Team Nebraska as your club to show support of the Good Mates and the USA Club National Championships.  We are club # 29-150