I couldn’t get it done but its done all the same.  I tried over the last couple of weeks to get David Adams a well deserved spot on the starting line at this Saturday’s prestigious Glenn Cunningham Mile at the Kansas Relays.  Our always a mate Peter vd Westhuizen will be competing there and had suggested to David it would be a golden opportunity to hit the sub 4:00 mile.  None other than Jim Ryun finally stepped up on David’s behalf and Viola!  David has volunteered at Jim’s Christian Running Camp for the last few years, good things happen to good people.  A group of Team Nebraska mates will make a quick road trip to Lawrence on Saturday to catch the magic.  Matt Pohren will also be competing at the Relays running the 5K on Friday night.  Go get it Matty P!

Took my first day off since January 6th today.  My adductor longus was very tight after yesterday’s workout, in fact had me abbreviate what was to be a 20 miler to a mere 12.  Lots of crazy notions about giving it a go anyway today put aside by getting out and painting the dojo.  Bright new marks for all to use, enjoy.

And I found my first morel of the year, but only one.  Let’s hope the first of many.

Emily Langdon is a saviour for Team Nebraska and is my new Hero.  Husband Tim will be racing the Gambler Half Marathon on Sunday, he’s in it to win it.  Linda is going to hop in it as well, should be interesting.

Thanks to Brian Kelly for sending the pics below, he had a friend out on the course Monday that knew just who these cats were representing.

Justin Mollak sporting the sweet shades, his cool demeanor belies the soaring temperatures.

Cory Logsdon, the fastest marathoner from Nebraska at the 116th annual Boston Marathon, finished 160th overall.