Radicchio, spinach, swiss chard, giant ceaser, arugula, breakfast radish, and beets.  Finally got around to getting my garden in yesterday.  Hope to be around long enough to reap the bounty.

I am experiencing a Bountiful Harvest in the Omaha running community.  Started those seeds when I moved here in 2001, they’ve weathered some tremulous storms but are finally achieving the richness and fullness that I’ve always known could be expressed.  The beauty of elite level running combined with the harmony of the social and beginning aspects.  Good folks all.  The global view that this running life is for everyone, regardless of talent level.  That we all experience the same highs and lows, anxieties and joys,  relative only to our own investment into the sport.   Defining what it means for ourselves and giving back accordingly, this most individual of sports bringing the broad palette of humanity together into something wonderful and beautiful.

We had 31 adults at last night’s Wednesday night track workout at Millard West.  The group continues to grow and flourish under the tender care of Coach John Tully and myself.  We’ve seen some perennials really blossom this year and are seeing the first hints of great yields in some of our emerging sprouts.

Linda had 21 children in the Kids Fit Program.  Those little ones are sowing their own seeds of a life time of fitness and fun.

Yes, we’ve weathered the storms and while the horizon will always contain the few dark clouds, this Garden of Omaha is looking mighty fine indeed.

I’m glad I’ve been around long enough, it has been worth the wait.