DAVID ADAMS, 8:27.77!

The Oxy High Performance meet last night in California produced some Very Fast Steeple times.  Our David Adams clocked a new personal best for 5th overall against the best US field of the year.  He continues to improve his times and his stock going into the USA Olympic Trials.

Link to the race posted up on flotrack: http://www.flotrack.org/coverage/248557-2012-USATF-Oxy-High-Performance-Meet/video/635492-M-3k-steeple-H02-Donn-Cabral-kicks-by-Jager-Fall-2012-Oxy-HP

 1 Donn Cabral                  Princeton              8:19.14
  2 Dan Huling                   Reebok                 8:20.81
  3 Kyle Alcorn                  Nike                   8:20.86
  4 Evan Jager                   Nike O T C             8:20.90
  5 David Adams                  Unattached             8:27.77
  6 Donald Cowart                Ragged Mt Racing       8:30.14
  7 Lyle Weese                   Unattached             8:30.83
  8 Chris Winter                 Speed River TC         8:31.25
  9 Rob Mullett                  UK Athletics           8:31.62
 10 Billy Nelson                 New Balance            8:34.10
 11 Brian Olinger                Reebok                 8:35.48
 12 Matt Hughes                  Unattached             8:44.42
 13 Steve Slattery               Unattached             8:51.70