Last night was a typical Nebraska evening, the south winds blowing harder than some of my former running buddies blustering about the Good Old Days.  When the Good Mother gives us lemons on Wednesday nights, we make lemonade.  I was very pleased to see the 45 adults that braved the 90+ temperatures and looming thunderstorms to get their track work in.  I scrapped the planned workout for our OEG mates and had them run “Tailwind 200’s”, giving them that sensation of being relatively incredibly fast.  Eight to sixteen repeats, you should have seen them flying as they were pushed if not lifted to top speeds.  A joy to behold.

The range of abilities is what makes this such a special group.  From beginners to fitness runners, from walkers to racers, from mid pack to Elite.  All supporting the other, giving encouragement and receiving same by the effort and determination obvious on each face.  Going to give a special nod to our Team Nebraska athletes that also attend on Wednesdays.  Luka Thor and Matt Pohren speeding out 8 X 300 meters in 42-44 seconds, Shain Kephart cranking out a bucket full of intense quarters, Amanda Lee grinding out continuous Mile repeats in the 6 ohs.

The Good Mates showing beauty and grace and god given talent, but working no harder than those that are thrilled to hit 60+ seconds for their 200 meter effort.  That is the real joy of Wednesday nights.  Everyone working so hard, giving it their Very Best.  No one  threatened or intimidated by those that happen to be more naturally gifted.  Happy rather that we can all share the same tableau of  potential dreamt and performances aspired.  Appreciating the talent and drive each brings to our favorite evening of the week.  And then all sitting down together afterward for pizza and a coke (or a beer) to celebrate the shared sweat and camaraderie.  We all pull our britches on one leg at a time after all.

Who are the luckiest people in Omaha?  Easy; Coach John, Coach Linda, Coach Kelly, and your run guru.  At least every Wednesday night.

photo courtesy of John Tully

Luka Thor and Matt Pohren, two Elite Athletes that appreciate the support and encouragement of our Omaha Endurance Group and the entire Omaha running community.