I knew this year was going to be a Real challenge.  I always like to take Big Bites, have a lot on my plate at any given time, have several balls in the air at every moment, one eye on the juggling act, one eye to future endeavours/schemes/”What do we do every night, Pinky?  Try and take over the World!”  And the mind’s eye keeping me grounded in the love of my self and my children, first, last, and always.

The chaotic schedule is maintained somewhat by my keeping of lists, usually composed during my night time waking hours.

I try and accomplish most of the list each day, but invariably things get shuffled down.  For instance yesterday I received an email that the water jump barrier for the Steeplechase at Burke had been heavily damaged.  And that there are no additional steeple barriers on site, we need 4, if you have a handle on where we might borrow some, holler at your boy.    Something unexpected jumps right up to the top of my list and ends up consuming several hours, pushing other important tasks to another day.  Work order submitted for repair of the damaged barrier, sigh of relief.

The Javelin Runway has been another source of nighttime angst for me.  When we had our site inspection last year it was noted that the runway needed resurfaced and the width should be 4′ instead of the 3’6″ it measured.  This necessitates a concrete pour of 3″ on both sides of the 65 foot runway.  Kelly Crawford spent the better part of yesterday on this project, the pour will be finished today.  He will then drive to Denison, Iowa and pick up the new surface material that will be laid next week.  And, Viola!  We’ll have a first class Javelin runway and I’ll sleep just a little better at night.

Getting our vans rented, travel coordinated, rooms assigned, etc. for this weekend’s Hospital Hill Team Challenge also loomed large yesterday.  We’ll have 5 men and 4 women in the Half Marathon, 3 people in the 10K, and York Thomas will make his Team Nebraska debut in the 5K.  Thanks again to Julie Schaefer for the generous support to our team, we are In It To Win It.  And then some Arthur Bryant’s BBQ before heading back home, yum!  Also final arrangements for our mates headed to Des Moines for Dam to Dam.

Picked up our new uniform pieces from Art Wears Unlimited.  Finalized two different grant proposals.  Moved forward with the Big Blue Run, promoted our David Adams fundraiser on June 6th.  Worked on our Omaha Endurance Group track workouts for tonight.  And I already mentioned that I ran 20 miles yesterday.

And spent Quality Time in the evening with both of my dear daughters.  They are and will remain at the top of my list as long as they are within a hugs reach, no barriers big enough to keep me from that.