Giving some big props to these two ladies that have transformed themselves into true distance runners.  Both are training up for Lincoln, it will be both of their marathon debuts.  What has been fun is watching them tackle each new week, the miles and workouts, with such giddy(up!) anticipation.  I noted disappointment in their voices last night when I modified the track workout from 5 X 1 Mile to 1-2-1, they were that eager to tackle the toughest workouts of their lives.  You’ve done all the hard work, now comes the fun!

When I arrived at Millard West last night I watched a young lady do 20 X a steep, 30 meter hill.  More like exploded up each rep.  I moseyed on over to introduce myself only to find it was our own Christina King.  The 25.20 200 she ran last weekend has her setting sights on a sub 25 very soon.

I hit a very hilly and windy 10 miler this morning, out in scenic Sarpy/Douglas counties.  With 2 X 1.5 miles at 10K race pace, the first with a 30 mph tailwind, the second into its teeth.  Feeling good and more excited for May 1st every day.

                                                                              Hope you don’t mind my sharing some personal photos.  I took this one just before the start of the 08 Oly Trials Marathon.  Blake Russell (#17) and Samia Akbar (#6) look on as Race Director Dave McGillivray poses with legends Deena Kastor and Joan Samuelson.  Boston did an outstanding job of hosting our Trials.