8:30 pm CST.  David will take his best shot at making the USA Steeplechase team.  He’ll have a whole lot of love from Nebraska and beyond.  Months and months of hard work coming down to a single race, this is why the US Olympic selection policy is the greatest.  Everyone in the final has that chance to make the team, where else do you get that kind of drama?

I’ll get to see some excellence in the water this morning thanks to my buddy Keith Station over at the Omaha Sports Commission.  He called and asked if I’d like tickets to today’s session, what a swell guy.  Those folks over at the OSC have been up to their eyes in excellence with the College World Series, Swim Trials, and USA Club T&F National Championships all occurring within the span of two weeks.  Whew!

The Good Mates are gearing up for next weekend and no one is rounding into better shape than Matt Schneider.  He tore up last night’s 1K time trial running 2:33 in the 104 degrees and 20 mph South wind.  Andrew Jacob was next in 2:34 followed by Matt Pohren in 2:35 and Luka Thor is 2:36.  Megan Zavorka also did a solo 1K trial and Meghan Schneider helped Christina King hone some speed in a 1X400, 1X300, 2X200, 2X100 session.  Teamwork.

These lads are in shape.  They didn’t get that way by luck or sitting around on message boards all day.

Matt Schneider, perhaps in the best shape of his life.

Pure speed, teamwork, and Giddyup!