Just completed my only 70 mile week of this training cycle, great confidence boost for Lincoln.   All of the miles were with a purpose (pearls) instead of just compiling numbers (swine, or hog).   I hope your spring marathon is the result of patience and purpose resulting in a thing of beauty and your training has not left you wallowing or injured. 

“As you learn more about yourself and improve your general physical condition, you’ll be able to run both farther and faster but by this time it should be ingrained in you that it’s the speed of the running that stops you, not the distance. Running that breaks the even passage of time and distance is anaerobic, not aerobic, and it must be avoided. It’s much better to go too slowly at first than too fast-and if you can recognise that as important and discipline yourself to it, you’re on your way to becoming a greater runner than you believed possible.”
–RUN THE LYDIARD WAY, Arthur Lydiard, 1978

                                                 2008 Olympic Marathoner Brian Sell, me, Mike Morgan, and Linda Barnhart at the Amway Grand Plaza in Grand Rapids, MI after the 2008 USA 25K Champs.  Photo courtesy of Brian’s wife.