I’ll start off with a well deserved tip of the sombrero to David.  While last night didn’t turn out like any of us had hoped for him, we are still proud of his effort and dedication to make it to the finals.  In case you missed it he ended up not having a good race and that diminishes not at all the inspiration and excitement he has generated across Nebraska’s running community.  We are darned proud of you David, you represented not only Team Nebraska, UNL, and York HS, but every runner that lives the good life.  We all got to live an Olympic Dream vicariously through you and that is something special indeed.  A brief interview with David on Flotrack:

Both the Mens and Womens 5000 Meter races were thrilling.  Galen Rupp edging Bernard Lagat and Kim Conley achieving the Olympic A standard en route to a stunning 3rd place finish in the Women’s race were highlights of the evening if not the meet.  Very exciting for Linda personally, she took Kim to Japan back in 2010 as she was just beginning her development arc.

35 & under, 36 to dead.  I can’t let this one slide.  A recent 5K (non-certified) out at Zorinsky, benefiting a worthy cause, $25-$30 entry fee.  Nothing unusual about that.  What was unusual was the age group awards structure.  While I demonstrate time after time my willingness to support local charities, this has taken the pillage of our sport to a new and unpalatable level.  How difficult is it to spend a dollar on a medal and a quarter on a ribbon for some 10 year age groups?  There were over 300 entries, and again I’m certain the charitable cause was worthy.  But why not just set up a donation stand and have people drop money in it as they are out for their Saturday morning run, why pretend to call this a race?  A RACE?!?  Give me a break.  I’m sure I’ll tick somebody off with this position, but what else is new eh?

Had a delightful 10 mile run this morning, the weather was bearable if not perfect.  Quite humid, enough to sweat out a few demons, just the way I like it.  The cloud cover providing succour from the past few days intense heat.  My first double digit run since June 16, thanks to Coach John Tully for company on the middle 6.


One of my best pictures ever from a historic perspective.  2004, I was hanging with Gerry Lindgren in Portland, OR and he wanted to meet Galen Rupp who had finally broken his 40+ year old 5000 meter High School record.  I had the privilege of capturing the moment of their very first meeting.  Galen is all grown up now and leads a strong American team to London in the 5000.  His winning time last night (13:22.7) broke Steve Prefontaine’s Olympic Trials record.  He was also the winner of the  Trials 10,000 the first such double in 60 years.