One of the things that makes life beautiful is music.  I’ve returned recently to this passion and truly,  “Musick has Charms to sooth a savage breast”. Not the background noise of today’s hip-pop culture, but music that is meant to be really listened to, absorbed and moved by.  And if you are fortunate enough to have a Dual CS 604 turntable and some LPs, all the better.

My new buddy Ryan Dahlberg from Duluth has helped me tune in to some of the finer stuff from that city’s blossoming talent and if you take a moment you too can enjoy a brief respite from your own crazy world.  Here’s the link to his site: www.theduluthscene.org If you listen to only one song, click on Caroline Smith’s amazing acoustic version of “I Can’t Make You Love Me”, just over 4 minutes of pure ear bliss.

The explosion of YouTube music has also reignited my love for a lot of vintage stuff, recordings from my era that I never knew existed but have delighted in seeing/hearing again.  And some newer stuff, striking a chord with the dancer in me, thanks to my old buddy Tom Cotner for sending this along from the Kings of Convenience, “I’d Rather Dance With You” http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OczRpuGKTfY Interestingly, I identify with this video as a capsule of some of my experiences here in Omaha, I’d rather dance, than talk with you, its my nature.

Time signatures can also be another way to look at personal bests.  Back in the day it was common for people to be introduced as “I’d like you to meet Will, he’s a 2:40s marathoner”.  “Will, this is Tim, a 2:30 guy, and his lady friend Emily a 36 10K’er”.  That signature can change for a good part of your running career but you’ll eventually have one to have and hold forever, the way of the running world.

I think personal bests still count for people, just not as many as in days of yore.  I know they matter to everyone on Team Nebraska.

This came up at last night’s interview with Team Nebraska’s newest mate Jeremiah Feine.  This interview process is  relatively new when considering potential members, is mirrored off several of the other most successful clubs in the U.S., and has proven very beneficial.  Jeremiah had all the right answers and we welcome this 15:30/1:13 guy to the ranks of our young, developing distance corps.

Having some fun crafting our teams for Market to Market this year.  The last three years runaway victories for our open men and co-ed teams could be in jeapordy.  With the loss of David Adams, Matt & Meghan Schneider doing a fall marathon, Megan Zavorka and York Thomas also debuting at 26.2 the day after Mkt2Mkt, things should get a little more interesting.  I have a feeling Lincoln Running Company Racing will be gunning hard for us and Ndorfnz Racing is undoubtedly looking  for a chink in our armour as well.  This will be the year many of our B athletes get their moment in the sun, their chance to shine.  Their opportunity to add their time signatures to the traveling trophies that we like to call our own.  Hubris!

Good luck to David Bohlken at tomorrow’s Lake Okoboji 10K.  Also good luck, great racing, and Giddyup to Meghan Schneider at the Columbus Downtown Runaround 5 Mile.