We had another great turnout at last night’s track work.  Lured by the promise of cooler temps, the hale and hearty attacked full sets of quarter mile repeats.  Some found speed they didn’t know they had, some stared Honesty right in the face, and all marveled at the effort put forth by each and every one.

Where else but Millard West at 6:00 can you find Luka and Andrew cranking out :64s right along side those cranking out 2:30s for the same oval?  While the talent is vastly different, in this we are all the same: WORK.

Even though the expected cool front didn’t come until the final minutes of practice, there wasn’t a single balk at the evening’s rigors.  Our streamlined format has resulted in an ever deepening camaraderie of effort shared.  And some big surprises.  This was the fastest, as a group, workout of the year.  Road Racers, Trail Runners, Ultra Aces, Triathletes, all lining up with each other and pulling one another to speedy results.

My three stopwatches becoming batons conducting an orchestra of sweat, the crescendo of groans and cheers becoming a masterpiece in and of itself, each person playing a vital and equal part in this symphony of fitness, a harmony of effort and joy filling our hearts.

No wonder I leave the track each Wednesday night feeling proud and full of love.  The following gathering for burgers and beer a mere afterglow to the real beauty of the evening.

Thank you all for giving me this opportunity to experience this, reminding me that in running, we really are all the same despite our differences.