Started back on Killer Coach training yesterday, long slow run and nailed 10+ miles, but the plantar fasciitis ruled me this morning.  So it was off to the pool, 10 minute aqua running warm up, swim 500 yards, then aqua running again, 3 X 4:20 at 5K race effort and a short warm down.  I might could have gone out and tried this at the dojo but I’ll opt for Safety and patience until this pain fades sufficiently.

Felt a little goofy rocking the speedos and goggles for the first time in over a year.   I’ve been down this wet road before though and nothing is more similar to running on land than running in water.

A  heck of a workout and that is all that matters this day.  I’ll take this PF business one day at a time but won’t sacrifice effort or fitness at all.  Or as my Old Buddy Dave used to say, “Aqua Jogging Rocks”.

Congrats to our mates Eric Rasmussen, Ivan Marsh, and Cory Logsdon for winning their respective races this weekend.  Eric a 5K in Harvard, NE and Cory a 10K here in Omaha.  Neither certified but good efforts anyway.  Jeff Nielsen took 2nd out in Harvard so it was a good showing for the Good Mates in Red & White.  Ivan won a 13.1 mile night trail run, the Heifer Hustle, out at Platte River State Park.  Todd Nott was among the very top finishers as well, haven’t seen any official results.

I see where the 14th annual Ted E. Bear Hollow has dropped the 10K portion of its race, preferring to focus solely on the 5K and the walk.  The event raises funds for such a very worthy cause but sad as the 10K was usually quite competitive.  I’m all for incorporating walks and making an event more accessible to the masses but am against eliminating the competitive aspect of our sport, you really can have both.  Shame.