Going to give a nod today to  Jimmy Doherty, aka “Lucky”.  The contributions to Team Nebraska aren’t always found immediately in the race results.  Jimmy is part of our young and developing corps of runners but thus far injuries have stalled his progression.  It is what he has done while not running that makes him truly a Good Mate.  Jimmy comes to track every Wednesday evening to cheer and support those that are able to run and train hard.

Likewise he has shown up every weekend for our team long runs, astride a bike to encourage those putting in the miles he would love to be pounding afoot.  Totally selfless.  Mile wide grin and a genuine aw shucks personality, Jimmy is the type of kid that keeps me involved with Team Nebraska.  His rehabbing calf is finally pain free and he expects to return to training next week.  We wish him patience and fitness and racing success this fall!

Racing success.  Cory Logsdon (33:59) and Justin Mollak (34:28) went 1-2 at this past weekend’s MPS Strides for Education 10K (not USATF Certified).  Carolyn Meyer made her Team Nebraska debut a win taking the women’s title in 40:54. Agustin Delgado (40:43) was right in front of Carolyn. John Tully rounded out the mates scoring 3rd in the 55-59 age group with his 53:55 effort.

Carolyn is coming along very nicely.  As she said during this morning’s workout, “You’re a hard ass but you’re encouraging”.  Ain’t it the truth.  And oh by the way, for her two times 1 mile, she lifetime pr’d on the first one (5:33.74) and then again on the second (5:33.35), catch her if you can and thanks Killer Coach!

And as I like to recognize excellence, no Red & White singlet necessary:

Local triathlete stud Lincoln Murdoch won 1st place in his 55-59 age group for the National Champion Sprint Triathlon in Burlington, VT.  Lincoln will next go to London to represent at the World Championships.

Long swim: I swam 64 laps at Lakeside yesterday to make 2 miles.  Boring.

Long Bike:  The Omaha Corporate Cycling Challenge was yesterday, rides of 10, 25, & 42 miles hosted over 4000 bikers.

Long run:  Local runner Jason Zakaras completed the Leadville 100 Mile run over the weekend covering the distance in 28:30:53.

Long Swim, Bike, Run: Kathy Palmer conquered the Pigman Half Ironman Triathlon in Iowa yesterday.  She’s earned a coffee and a beer to be sure!

Kathy sporting her hardware and celebrating with friends.  Ironwoman!