My second run around the full dojo this morning, more comfortable than yesterday’s to be sure.  Life couldn’t be any better!

I’ve been busy as a bee trying to finalize our Market to Market teams.  Not an easy task this year as I’ve got to try and assign the mates across 3 teams this year and all In It To Win It!  Co-Ed, Open Men, & Open Women.

We will have Peter vd Westhuizen returning as Captain of the co-ed team.  Nice start there.  Paul Wilson will be attempting to continue his string of undefeated Mkt2Mkt appearances captaining our Open Men.  Natalie Como will head up our Open Women’s team.  I’m liking the fact that it won’t be a yawner this year.  Or will it?

Peter has also signed up to run for Team Nebraska at the upcoming Omaha Corporate Cup.  2010 Champion Eric Rasmussen too.  And Luka Thor.  And Matt Pohren.  And you know I always like to debut a couple of new mates at the CC, nudge nudge wink wink.

We’re taking a busload to Grand Island for this weekend’s Bill Seymour Half Marathon.   More surprises in store in GI, Oh what Fun!  That race is always a battle with the $500 first prize purse, lots of competition, exactly why we are headed out.   Most of it from a bunch of former mates too, almost like a TN reunion, always great to catch up with them.

Photo shopping.  You can never tell what’s real and what’s not in today’s world of digitized photos.  Some people have it down as an art.  A perfect example above, can you tell who’s the mate and who isn’t? Its-like-a-magic and very flattering.