Partisan- A firm adherent to a party, faction, cause or person.  Devoted to or biased in support of a party, group, or cause.

With the Republican National Convention rolling around on the Gulf Coast, local politics prompts today’s title and column.  Plus I like the way it juxtaposes with yesterday’s.

We had an amazing turnout at last night’s Wednesday Night Track Work.  57 adults and 17 kiddos.  Our highest turnout in the 5 year history of the program, eclipsing the 54 we set just two weeks ago.  Included in the group were 6 first timers, word of mouth is the best friend of our Team Nebraska community outreach program.  Doing Good Work to promote fitness for the entire Omaha Metro.  Giving TN and Nebraska USATF some real and just exposure.  I’m a fervent supporter of this ever growing group of fitness minded people, partisan all the way.

Huge thanks to my Coaching Staff John Tully, Linda Barnhart, and Kelly Crawford.

The work and sweat (it was 95 degrees!) and camaraderie that transpires around my favorite oval each week is what keeps this program successful.  Last night we had most everyone doing deuces.  Differing paces (Luka & Matt @ :30 for 13 of them), Keely Nyman knocking out 10 and averaging :50 (6 weeks ago averaged over :60!), Melissa Gwartney toughing out 8 in :60, Chase Meyer showing flashes of former speed hitting 10 averaging :32, (how long before he joins wife Carolyn in the Red & White?).

The Party of no particular Party.  Athletes off all abilities and aspirations and motivations showing up for one common goal.  I’m partisan for every one of them.

The Team Nebraska women once again putting on a show, working as a group for 13 X 200, :60 recovery.  Hands on knees, gasping, inspiring one and all!

Carolyn Meyer, Joy Shulz, Carole Swanson, Ashley Shurman, and Linda will be joined by Stacy Shaw and Natalie Como at this coming Saturday’s Bill Seymour Half Marathon in Grand Island.  Can I get a Giddyup!?

Lily Kaftan and Ashley Shurman earned their official invitations to join the ranks of Good Mates last night.  Congratulations ladies, your hard work and team support is much appreciated and well rewarded!

Another Good Mate added last night.  Brandon Wissing is a 2012 graduate of UNK.  The former Loper is the school record holder at 1000 meters, is on the school record DMR relay team, and has top 5 all time marks in the mile and the 1500 meters.  Brandon will join Luka Thor, making his long distance road race debut at this weekend’s BS Half as well.  And a couple other mates for the men to be sure.  See you in GI!

This was Angela’s first time on a track.  I explain some of the basics to her and make her feel welcome.  This program is about the individuals that show up, regardless of ability.  Each and every one treated with respect for their own particular reasons for being there.  In the background is Linda, 17 kids, caramba!, it must be like herding cats!  photo courtesy of John Tully