Both have 3 Rings.

As Team Nebraska continues to progress above and beyond my scope of business acumen I realize that my administrative approach was more of the Circus variety.  Chaos carefully orchestrated, held together by wires and mirrors and brute force, a spectacle for all to see on the surface, a masterful juggling act behind the scenes.  And if not a one man show, then very nearly (with all due respect to my faithful protege Linda).

Enter our Board of Directors, slick, polished, organized, carefully tabbed in 3 ring binders, dispelling the illusion of bustle and confusion that is and will always remain my attention deficit addled style of architecture-unbridled passion might be a better descriptor.  You need both specialties to pull off this high wire act of a USATF Elite Development Club.

I’m comforted that for the first time in over a decade I’ll actually be working with a net.  The thrill remains to be sure.  But now too the recognition that these old bones can no longer do it all on my own.  For the better of the club, for the better of the community, for the better.  For the well earned leisure role I now enjoy with the club.  Secure in my function as the Barker Emeritus, calling one and all to be amazed at the incredible gathering of athletes touring our community and our country.  Knowing where each rope must lead, each stake driven, every hoop that need be jumped, each road taken, to ensure that the greatest athletic show in the history of Nebraska goes on.  And on.