Had a great workout yesterday morning.  Some Real trail training on one of my favorite hilly, grassy routes here in WestMayoville.  Named after a Great Dane (Duder) who used to run with me and my original unshod mentor, Barefoot Benny.  Four repeats of the hill & dale, lung searing ascents, pitching the downhills like a man possessed.  If you’re going to Race cross country, you’ve got to train on it.  This one’s for you Benny!

Up this morning at 4:45 to meet my Thursday client.  I’ve busted her bottom over the last 6 weeks, and not for naught.  She’s lining up at the North Face Half Marathon in Kansas City on Saturday morning and will crush her goal of 2 hours.  Giddyup Mandy!

I’ll rise, if not shine, again tomorrow morning to meet Steve.  He has been learning and toiling for 6 weeks also, a crash course if you will for Sunday’s Route 66 Marathon in Tulsa, OK.  At 57 years old, my oldest client ever and surely the most interesting.  He used to be a juggler in the circus.  Real life always better than fiction or analogies.  You’ve got this Steve!

Linda has rounded into form spot on, thanks Killer Coach.  Her 8 X 1/4 mile yesterday were :85-:87, making it the best set of the cycle, right on cue.  While my own much abbreviated stint in the fall program has yet to result in this type of peak, I am excited about where I’ll be once the gun goes off in Lexington on December 8th.

Living History Farms is this weekend, Team Nebraska is sending a men’s team.  I’ll detail your Good Mates in tomorrow’s column.  For now, I’m off to work at my Real Job.  Who would have ever thought it?

Finally, congratulations to my life long mentee Andre Lejeune.  He finally tied the knot this past weekend, ending his bachelorhood and breaking a bunch of hearts.  He and wife Sue will live in NYC, where she’s from and has made a very successful life that she will now share with him.

Andre at his reception with his old buddy and former Tour de France winner Floyd Landis.  Andre has learned from the best.