They really do.  So, go ahead, do it.  I’m sharing one right now and my day is off to a much brighter start for it.

Its amazing how something so simple, and free, can change your frame of mind.  So, go ahead, do it.

Feeling grumbly?  Grab a hug.  Feeling vile?  Embrace and hold.  Admit it, you need it.

Got the blues?  Hold your honey.  Just plain mean?  Squeeze out your insecurities.

Today is world wide Hug A Runner Day.  And some need it more than others.  So, go ahead, do it.

Looking forward to my trip to Indiahoma, Oklahoma tomorrow.  It has been too long since I’ve seen my dad, even longer since his mother’s namesake (my dear sweet Katie) has made the trip south.  Some beautiful running to be had in the foothills of the Wichita Mountains as a bonus.  A simple setting, poulation 349, a single gas station, no grocery, no computers, no Starbucks, no nothing.  But my dad’s hometown and where he chose to retire.  And at night you can see billions of stars.

We’ll have mates in the Fremont Turkey Trot, USATF Certified for the first time ever, look for Luka Thor to set the official course record and take home the winning Benjamin.  We’ll also have mates in the Feast and Feathers trail run at Lake Cunningham (Giddyup Todd Nott, Tim & Emily Langdon).  A few other local events that have sprung up in recent years, so no reason to miss out on the fun and fitness before enjoying your feast and family.  I know I’ll be enjoying mine.  With plenty of hugs to go around.