Happy to be here in Daytona Beach for the USATF annual meetings.  My 10th time to make the yearly gathering of those most committed to the betterment of our sport.  Track and Field, Long Distance Running, Associations, Youth, Officials, Masters, Rules, Ethics, Coaching, High Performance, Club Council, Sports Medicine and Science.  Plenty of action packed into the next four days.

My original intent for coming this year has been to mentor our Nebrasksa Association LDR Chair, Matt Pohren.  And to introduce our Team Nebraska President, Kelly Crawford.  And to sit in my capacity as the At Large Member on the Club Council Committee.

Strange how fate always seems to have something else in store for me, and that it usually involves a stick and a pot.

It is an election year.  I’m a man of service and have always answered when called.  I’ve thus heeded and am polishing up my resume, defining my vision.  I’ll be ready Saturday morning if truly needed.  The road goes on forever, the party never ends.

I’ll have regular updates throughout the course of these meetings, hope you are interested enough to check in occasionally.