Today is the 23rd consecutive day I’ve run, included this morning was 5 miles at goal marathon effort.  Might sound strange but I’ll not take any days off before Sunday morning’s start.  Keeping the tension in the legs so they don’t get flat.  And that is today’s message, getting to the line feeling sharp and full of running/racing.  I’m doing my easy days easy and the rest of this week calls for just that.  But each day also calls for some strides to get the muscles firing and supple.  Man, I’m excited!

If you’re feeling pent up energy, nervousness, anxiety, grumbliness, etc. then you need to shift your thinking away from “tapering”.  Our TNB athletes are Peaking, not tapering.  Peaking indicates excellence and higher achievement.  Tapering connotates a diminishment.  Peaking is waxing ambitious, tapering is waning energies.

My old buddie Carrie Tollefson is guest speaking at the Lincoln Marathon expo this weekend.  Carrie was a force on the USATF Championships scene as a member of Team USA Minnesota, and has transitioned nicely into speaking and television/radio coverage of our sport.  And she’s still fast as the wind.