I’m  giddy(up!) about closing out 2012 and tickled pink about 2013.  I get asked many times a day how I’m doing and my answer is always “Just happy to be here”.  The older I get the more truth that rings in such a pat reply.  Any day above the Good Mother’s green grass is just fine with me.  And while you can’t take a single day for granted it is fun and necessary to look towards the future, optimism abounding.  Life should always be that way, anticipating all the good and steeling yourself for the less than good that inevitably comes with the territory.

Important too to learn from history.  And so I’ll reflect for a moment today on some of the strictly personal highs and lows of the last 12 months.


I stepped down as President of my beloved Team Nebraska early this year.  Eleven years at the helm and an eye on making sure the club is viable long into the future combined to loosen the reigns.  My new position of Executive Director/Head Coach will allow me to continue some gentle guidance but my faith in our board of directors is solid.    Any great organization must have plan of succession, we’ve got that now.  Future’s so bright!

Also stepped down as the USATF Nebraska Assoc. LDR Chair.  Another baby of mine turned loose after more than a decade of nurturing.  My ram rod style will be considerably ameliorated by Matt Pohren.  His style of deep consideration and effective communication will only help the program blossom to new heights.  We’ve got to wear shades!

Fulfilled a dream by bringing a USATF National Championships to Nebraska, icing on the competitive cake that it was right here at Burke Stadium.

Accomplished the most difficult training cycle in my 30+ years of running and racing.  Thank you to Glen van der Westhuizen for helping me to realize age is not a limiting factor when aspiring for excellence.

Finishing another year averaging 50+ mile/week.  At 55 years of age this might be my last year to record such gaudy numbers.

Another full year of Run Guru Says.  My love for the written word has now officially eclipsed my love for running itself.  And still plenty to say….

My emancipation from previously accepted dogma and subsequent realization that I really am capable of Self Sustainability and worthy of Real Happiness.


Watching the fracture lines continue within our Omaha running community.  Life never makes it easy, I guess that keeps things interesting at least.

Dropping out of Grandma’s Marathon at mile 18.

Hearing that Linda dropped at mile 23.


And so on balance, 2012 will go into the books as a pretty great year.   Good enough to welcome another day with “Just happy to be here”.