Yesterday I described a drop in my running libido.  And yes, that is the right word.  My deep emotional attachment and the resulting euphoria from running puts it right up there with carnality.  Oh my!

So what to do with myself now that I am taking a break from Real competition.  I’m too ADD to sit around twiddling my thumbs.  And still feel that I have a lot to offer the running community.  In toto.

What can I possibly do to super charge the ions necessary to jolt the old dura mater, the primary sensory organ of the body.  Something simple that goes back to my basic life philosophy of “Love All Serve All” is just the ticket.  Now, now, don’t get your panties in a bunch and start crying hypocrisy.  You don’t have to like everyone in order to Love everyone.  Its a dogma, intellectual rather than religious, but the same in that both must be lived as well as thought.  How it is received is something all together dependent on the culture and society in which it exists.  What the heck am I talking about?  It will be proclaimed this coming Monday!



It seems like everyone and/or their brother is writing a book these days.  With my extra leisure time I’ve pulled my own original manuscript out for some further character development.  Those that have been around for more than a couple years know how fond of parody I am.  I blew the dust off of Phineas Taylor and the Dandy Road Show Boys, realized what a Real gem it is destined to be.  Truth is stranger than fiction, especially with my own lampooning.

Yes, now that I am no longer in positions of USA Track & Field authority and leadership I’ll be able to spin hysterical without fear of reprisal from the Grievance Angel, who got me here in the first place.


She joins that madcap troupe along with The Claw.  Originally a famed wrestler, able to subdue any competitor or ledger with his patented hold.  But unlike me, he did twiddle his thumbs, specifically by texting anyone and everyone, day and night, seeking popularity (ultimately unfulfilled).  The dreaded claws become blunt objects and rendered harmless.

baron von raschke

Also making his debut is Bandwagon.  He rolls into Omaha after stumbling upon the Omaha Circus Balloonist’s abandoned traveling medicine show rig.  Pulled by a team of world champion draft horses he sadly falls under the spell of the Grievance Angel and The Claw, and immediately trades the horses for goats.


Drats!  That’s my word count for the day.