I was reminded of this a couple of days ago and ain’t it the truth brother!

Life is too short to (fill in the blank).

Life is too short to not (fill in the blank).

We all fill in our own blanks.  Or at least we should.  If someone is trying to fill your blanks in for you, it means either they don’t know what the hell they’re talking about or worse.  The former much less sinister than the latter.

Outside The Lines.  That’s where you reside when no one else fills in your blanks.  Living your own life as you see fit, damn the torpedos.  That’s experiencing life to its fullest.  If you don’t understand this that’s your bag, not my drag.  I won’t box you in with my expectations so we should be cool.

No better place.  Period.

Swift Kick.   Coach Linda put a women’s size 8 squarely into my behind yesterday morning.  Enough of this malaise!  Away with the doldrums!  Get your butt in gear, dear!  So instead of lazing about I hopped on the treadmill and did my first Real workout in quite a long time.  One mile warm up, 2 miles at goal half marathon pace, 3 X 1:00 @ current 5K pace w/1:00 recovery, warm down.  I’ve got a long row to hoe before May 5.

Elite Development.  If you are a highly talented female athlete and are interested in competing at the USA 1 Mile Road Championships (3 slots available) or the USA 25K Championships in Grand Rapids (1 slot remaining) please contact the Women’s Long Distance Running Athlete Development Program Coordinator (see standards below).  You can reach out to Linda at for more information.

ADP Eligibility – 

In order for the athletes to be eligible, they must:
(1) Have a 2013 USATF membership.
(2) Be a U.S. citizen between the ages of 18-29 post scholastic.
(3) Have met one of the following times on a USATF certified course
(4) Athletes need to be in top physical shape to compete. If illness or injury occurs the ADP coordinator needs to be notified.

Women’s ADP Standards
1Mile- 4:48.50
5 km 16:50
10 km 35:15
15 km 54:27
10 Mile 58:45
Half Marathon 1:18:30
Marathon 2:51:00


Cock of the Walk Ashram.  Inside and Outside my own lines.


My dear sweet Allison home from Coos Bay for spring break.  She finished the semester at the top of her class at the Oregon Coast Culinary Institute.  She, like me, sets her own rules for happiness and it shows.  Only 18 and the world is her oyster.   I couldn’t be prouder or happier.

Someone spent their precious time tinkering with this website over the weekend.  Should I be flattered?