Things are rarely as they seem superficially.  Sometimes it takes a just little digging to get to the core.  I pondered two examples over the weekend of how something started out full of vile and bile, nastiness and putrescence, and somehow came up smelling like roses.

I’ll speak to one of them.

One of my favorite places in Omaha, in fact the place I always take my out of town visitors, is Lauritzen Gardens.  I’ve long called the Gardens a jewel of Omaha and indeed an afternoon among the flora and fauna never fails to be idyllic.

Yes on the surface everything is pretty as a picture.  Neophytes and newbies only see the result of expert groundskeeping, carefully manicured, every odd bloom or non conforming branch edited out of the scene.  But those that have been around long enough know the Real Truth.

The place is a dump.

I was shocked to find out that the Gardens were built on top of a landfill.  My old buddies Bruce Newton and Dan Warren educated me as I sat in disbelief.  How could something so wonderful, so community oriented and supported by so many people, have started out as the detritus of Omaha?  How long did it take for the refuse to be transformed into the regal?   Maybe 15 years.

Thanks for letting me wax philosophical.

Congratulations to David Bohlken, winner of this past weekend’s Papillion Half Marathon.  He missed the entry deadline for Lincoln and decided to make PHM his spring “long” effort.  He’s been knocking down the speedwork I’ve been giving him, it was no surprise to me.  Look for David to continue to progress through the summer.


One of my favorite places to ponder, my old meditation lodge in the Zorinsky Preserve.  I explored the trails and Box Elder Creek on many an afternoon long before it became a popular trail running destination.  photo circa 2001.

I reach out from the inside.  In your eyes.  In your eyes.