Called my dad in Indiahoma, OK yesterday afternoon to make sure he was a-OK.  The devastation was north and east of there, counting that blessing while saying prayers and meditations for those in Moore.  I heard that 80% of the homes destroyed had no basement.  Dad doesn’t either but he does have a “Fraidy Hole”.  Basically a storm cellar outside of the house with a heavy door.  He also has a gun safe room inside the house constructed of steel, that wouldn’t have helped much with yesterday’s 200+ mph winds.

Got in a 32:00 run yesterday, my first since the 10K in Grand Rapids.  It was slow and non taxing and just right.  Easy running for the foreseeable future and that’s cool.  My comeback is a long ways away but I’ve earned this little break by golly.

Scoreboard:  Husker 2, Chickens 0.  I spent the afternoon out at the 2 Lazy 2 Ranch, the garden is coming along well.  A little landscaping too, but the best time was spent naming the chickens.  Over there is Luka, the one with the black band around his neck and fast as can be.  And here of course is Run Guru, the cock of the walk to be sure.  And his constant partner, that’s Linda.  And Stacy is never far behind.  The one over there is Tiny Dancer (aka Dr. Weeks), he’s always off to one side seemingly alone.  Three more to name, I’ve got to study them a bit for inspiration.

Old Husker the black lab feasted on his second bird.  Wily and old and patient and slow and quiet, he nabbed another yesterday while the two rambunctious coon hounds were whooping and hollering and yelping at the horses, nice distraction.

Looks like I’m making an offer on an old farmhouse and 2.5 acres of prime river bottom land.  Hoping to reach an agreement on price as this little parcel is exactly what we have been looking for.  Don’t fret, I won’t be too far from Omaha, just far enough.