This is the 6th year that I’ve conducted track workouts on Wednesday nights at Millard West.  The first 5 years I did this as a freebie, the program grew to a consistent 40 runners per week last year, several weeks attendance was in the 50s.

I’ve asked for a small $5 donation this year to help offset some minor expenses (Upstream).  We’ve been getting a consistent 6-8 runners.  That’s cool.

Linda’s Kids Fit Program is taking the opposite tack, it is burgeoning, thanks to our sponsor Gretna Family Health.  No charge for the little tykes, getting their fit on for free, as it should be.

What hasn’t changed is the hard work and results.  Or how proud I am of how deep these athletes are digging down.  Or how privileged I feel that they trust me with their goals.

Special thanks to Coach John Tully, whom I couldn’t do this without.

Last night really reinforced all this.  I authored/offered the most difficult workout in the history of the program.  And to a person they rose to the occasion, achieving and surpassing results any would have thought possible yesterday afternoon.

From the highly competitive to the aspiring novice, each put up numbers that had them shaking their heads.  Asks Kelly Hennen, ” How is it that I run 10-11:30ish min pace normally and ran that papillion 10k in 1:12. But when I get on the track and run your speed workout I ran a 1:59 quarter mile that last lap?”    And the last 1/4 was a Real Bear.  A scientific mix of 800/400s/200s preceded the final tour of the oval and to a person they nailed it hard.

After the warm down I asked them if they knew why the repeats were set up the way they were.  I answered for them.  “So you can RACE”.  


Geena, Amanda, Kelly, Kristen, Krista, Lindsey, Tammy, and Jeff all wait for the answer.


Kelly looks at her watch and marvels at her new found speed.  In the far background is 6’11” Brian Conklin, former standout at UNL.  His first Wednesday night but not his last.


Amanda (grey) has been a great addition, Lindsey (black) too.  I want them both on my team.  Kristen  of Team Nebraska (lt. blue) and Geena (far right, fit, and fifty) all busted their butts on the most difficult of nights.


Jennifer Greer has been making excellent progress.  She had her own special “hell” of a workout as she prepares for the Dizzy Goat 6 hour run.  Her last mile of the set of three was a mere :22 off her personal best for the distance.


Jeff has some incredible turnover, he’s just beginning to scratch his potential.  Tammy right behind him has impressed me all spring with her gains.


$5 worth.                                           All photos courtesy of Coach Tully.