Reflecting on my arrival to Omaha in 2001.  I didn’t necessarily get off on a good foot.  I read the World Herald’s coverage of local high school track and field.  Saw where an extremely talented young lady named Meredith Snow was being run, in my opinion, into an early retirement from the sport, either from injury or burnout.  Made my opinion known and was soundly chastised by the principles to mind my own business.  My experience as USATF’s Women’s Athlete Development Program Coordinator notwithstanding.  I’m not sure she ever ran collegiately.  If she did it was not with the same promise of achievement and success on a national scale.  I’ve often wondered if she runs at all anymore.

Celebratory dinner at one of my favorite local restaurants last night.  Dante’s in the Legacy strip mall is a real gastronomic find.  Appetizer was Fried Plum Creek Chicken Livers with chili honey aioli and sea salt.  Main course was Crispy Skin King Salmon with braised oxtail & mushrooms, green garlic, and pea tendrils.  Desert, ah, made from scratch cinnamon rolls from another of my local faves, the Heartland Cafe in Elkhorn.  As a bonus, Dante’s has select bottles of wine for half price on Thursday nights.

Want to know a secret?  The Atkinson Half Marathon is Sunday morning.  The overall male and female winners will each earn $1000.  Yes, you read that right, one thousand samolians.  One thousand clams.  One thousand greenbacks.  I know my boys Eric Rasmussen and Luka Thor will be battling it out on the men’s side.  Of course the women are playing it Very Close to the vest and not tipping their hands.  Hopefully today’s column will bolster the field.  A little nudge to my facebook friends and might help too.  Wouldn’t want it to be a cakewalk.  Does that make me an ass?

Hee Haw!