Fourth year in a row as Lead Biker for this morning’s Boys Town 5 Miler.  Always the best view to see who’s the most serious about winning the 2nd largest Real Race in Omaha (behind the Corporate Cup).

The times, they are a changing.  For the first time in at least the last 7 years my former club failed to place a runner in the top 3.  A male Good Mate won in ’07, ’08, ’09, (2nd in ’10, 3rd in ’11) and first again in 2012.  The female Good Mates went 1st in ’07, ’08, and ’10, and 2nd in 2009.

This morning it was 17 year old Millard West phenom Joe Harter taking the win in 26:22.  And then 14 year old 8th grader Seth Hirsch (representing Ndorfnz racing) in 26:47.  Sixteen year old Austin Post of Gretna was next across the line in 27:23.  Jason Zakaras, also of Ndorfnz racing was 4th in 27:30 (and first non-high school runner).  The first Team Nebraska runner was next with Justin Mollak crossing in 27:53.

Two Ndorfnz runners crossing before Team Nebraska.  Not taking anything away from young master Hirsch and certainly Jason has been running well all year.  Still, my heart aches.  The first and only Team Nebraska female was Emily Langdon who finished 16th overall woman.  On a brighter note one of my Wednesday night track runners, Lindsey Brezenski finished 2nd overall female in 33:39, and another, Krista Palm, finished 10th overall.

An era has passed.  And I would think that every non Team Nebraska competitor is celebrating.

This is what I saw from the best seat in the house.