So far we have met a half a dozen of our neighbors.  Several times they have pitched in, helping to ease me into the workaday experience, and the tools therein that allow labor saving.  I’ve got a lot of catching up to do in that department, I’m big on work and short on devices.  Big thanks to Coach John Tully for helping me out towards that end.

This is a completely different bio-socio-scape than West Omaha.  The flourishing fauna to be sure but even more so the genuine members of our little tribe of solitarists.  There’s an unspoken dictum that allows for free and easy conversation between these staunch individualists.  We are content to sit and listen, being mindful and respectful of those that have overseen the vibe of the hood for the last 4 decades.

This development started in the 1930s as 10 acre plots.  Several remain to this day, the rest once or at the most twice divided.  Nice room to stretch and enjoy one’s own company.

That’s where I am.

We saw a runner at dusk last night.  Accompanied by his young daughter on her bike.  Passed by the Bar None twice so must have run at least 3 or 4 miles.

Big kudos to Nik Wallenda.  His traverse of the Little Colorado River Gorge was nothing short of mind blowing.  If you missed it, find it.  I really thought it was suicide but after just 2 minutes I knew he had it beaten.  The Mind is the Athlete!