In a word, busy.  There is never a shortage of chores here at the Bar None.  Still a lot of fences to take down, and hey that’s the easy part.  Its digging up the posts that is adding girth to my arms and shoulders.

The previous owners had a couple of boys and they converted about half the property to a moto cross  training field.  Replete with jumps and mounds and swails.  Up today is getting my back into those and redistributing the dirt as the Good Mother had intended it.  If you’ve got a Bobcat and a trailer let me know…..future gardenSome of our parcel.  This will end up as some of the best rhizosphere in Douglas County.  Every home out here has an incredible garden.  In a strange way it is reminiscent of Hawaii, things grow to their potential due to the soil and lack of predation.  I was very surprised to see that no fencing is necessary to discourage critters, apparently not an issue.

back 40The back forty.  I’ve been slowly removing the fencing, preferring instead to open up the property to unobstructed views.  Another long stretch to go between the strawberry patch and the Cottonwoods and I’ll be happy with my work.

Jed in driveJed is ever vigilante.  He went from a cooped up, apartment dwelling hound to proud guardian of our 3 acre slice of heaven.   He too is flourishing and is as happy as a dog can be!

Linda & I have run twice in the last three days.  Every other day for now as we ease back into our love.

Going to be HOT at tonight’s Wednesday Night Track Work so be sure and bring your water bottle!