A couple of good runs this weekend and a lot of hard work on the landscaping finds me at a svelte 142.  I was a chunky 157 just a few weeks ago.

A good turnout for Saturday’s Bar None Run.  Nice to see everyone rounding into shape for the upcoming fall campaign.  Our neighbors must find this Fitness Spectacle extraordinary.

Is anyone else a little peeved at the Hyvee Triathlon commercial?  “Even if you are ‘just’ a runner.” Now, I like the idea of being able to be matched with other athletes, we offered something similar at this last February’s Tow Rivers Twosome.  But I don’t care for this commercial.   It smacks of the runner being the weakest link of the trio.  Bullcorn I say.  Take a look at the front of any Real Race and then at the start line of a similar size triathlon.  You be the  judge who the Real athletes are.  And the Real runners always gobble up the better swimmers and bikers anyway.

The USATF Nebraska Association 5 Mile Championships were Saturday at the Columbus Downtown Run Around.  One single USATF female entered, a masters runner from Ndorfnz racing.  Not a representative from either Team Nebraska or the Lincoln Running Company Racing Team.  Sad indeed.  What can be done to get our member LDR clubs to participate?  The prize money of $100-$75-$50 for the top three didn’t incentivize any of the women.  Eric Rasmussen took  the win on the men’s side.  He reports falling asleep between miles 3-4 cruising a pedestrian 5:40 mile (he took the first mile out in 4:55).

You don’t have to be a member of a club in order to have your USATF membership or compete for the prize money set aside for championships races.  And you are supporting the programs and athletes that are committed to  developing their potential.

Linda is busy making selections for the USA Marathon National Championships at the Twin Cities Marathon this  October.  Some Real talent applying for her Athlete Development Program.  There are many young ladies that have met the standard of 2:51 and  are deserving of consideration.  But it will take a sub 2:40 to be selected,the talent is running that deep these days.   A tough choice for Linda but that’s her job.  It is great to see this problem.  The ladies keep getting faster and the bar continues to be met as the standards are tightened.  The Men’s ADP standard is 2:24:00 and Brian Jones is having an equally difficult time vetting qualified athletes.

Wouldn’t it be great to have some qualified athletes from our home state?  We’re not there yet, but I know there are serious and talented young runners that just need the right opportunity, coaching, and advocacy. if you think this sounds like you.