Darned proud of Linda, she’s up and at em every morning, getting her run in before heading off to make a difference in the lives of others.  I’m not out the door quite as early but am getting some decent miles in nearly every day now.  I joke with the neighbors that just because she’s working doesn’t mean she gets a pass on her chores.  But its only half in jest or the joke’s on me as she puts in a solid 2-3 hours ever day after getting home.  Her previous experience as head cook, chief bottle washer, lead laundry and landscaper, domestic diva and light maintenance maven has been a godsend to someone that also solely held those responsibilities.  It is so much nicer with two, we consider each evening a “work date.”

Last night I got to showcase my culinary skills.  Harvested the remaining lettuces and spinach for the salad (eaten last in the European fashion).  Mizuna, swiss chard and turnip greens sauteed on one side. Sweet Kennebec potatoes and just picked green beans on the other.  Fresh varietal tomatoes with feta and basil, and some hand cut pork chops rounded out the meal.  I think I impressed our guests, one being the former head of City Sprouts, Omaha’s first not-for-profit community garden.  Do you see where I’m headed with this?

So we are keeping quite busy building our dream and our fitness together.  If you love what you do that is great.  If you love who you are doing it with, well that’s just heaven.  On Our Little Slice.

This 1928 Amsterdam Olympic plate was issued by Delft.  A fine example of their exquisite hand painting.

And this plate commemorating the same Olympics was issued by the Societe-Ceramique out of Maastricht, Holland.   Even more intricate and collectible than the Delft.