First off happy 19th birthday to my dearest sweetest Allison.  Glad to have her back for the next couple of weeks before she heads off to Denver where she’ll be doing a dual externship.  Pastry and baking for the Denver Broncos and Red Rocks Amphitheatre.  I’m proud of you!

And today I’d like to share just a few of my favorite Prefontaine items.


Unframed Prefontaine posters are hard to come by.  This one features his iconic quote.


Another great poster titled “Godspeed”

pre3This photo of Pre and Frank Shorter on May 29, 1975.  Taken by Geoff Parks, right before Pre’s last race.

pre4And the race!

pre5The very rare and highly collectible Prefontaine Sportscaster card.  Here he leads the 1972 Olympic Games 5000 meters.

pre6And the even more highly prized Prefontaine NCAA Championships Sportscaster.

preshirtAnd my favorite shirt.  Gifted to me by John L. Parker Jr., author of Once A Runner.