Of excellence.  Of change.  Of potential.  Of dreams.  Of discord.  Of happiness.

I’ve been involved in our sport for a long time.  Long enough and at the appropriate levels to give meaning and weight to my words.  A lot of you get that and appreciate my singular perspective.  Others blow me off as pompous and self absorbed.  I thoroughly enjoy tickling both of those keys.

I would (and often do) go so far as to say I have more experience at more different levels of our sport than anyone else you know.  And that makes me who and what I have become. Like it or not.   A Herald, a Promoter, a Coach, a Critic, a Poet, a Seer, an Athlete, an Administrator, an Author, an Educator, an Historian.

Why in the hell would I spend the last 10+ years writing and fighting about running and athletics?  Why would I lay my soul bare, expose the rawest of nerves, put up my dukes and take your best punches, suffer loss and disappointment at the hands of those that hate?

Because I must.  It is what I do, who I am.

I’ve had a fortunate if sad last quarter of a century.  Lucky because I got/get to do exactly what I love.  Sad because that opportunity came with a heavy price.  Those that know me best understand exactly what I mean.  But that chapter with all its glory and angst is past.  Now a Good and Healthy woman fills my days and nights.  Thank you Linda for fanning the flames of Real Love.


This pin commemorates the 1986 U.S. Olympic Festival Torch Run.


This poster captured the spirit of the Festival, still one of my very favorites.


As a 29 year old and as part of the Olympic Festival I had the privilege of carrying the Torch from Pasadena, TX to LaPorte, TX.  Perfect form eh?


Part of my collection is this Limited Edition Torch issued by TAC (The Athletics Congress, precursor to USATF).

Keeping the flames alive.  Its what I do.  Its who I am.