I always try to bring something just a little different to the awards presented at my races.  The Swamp Stomp’s came directly from New Orleans.  The Monster Dash for the first several years, offered signed pieces by accomplished local artist Candace Blanchard.  The Omaha Mile gave out cow bells in 2007 and some cool belt buckles in 2008.  Cabela’s cast iron pieces at Ni-Bthaska-Ke.  I’m hoping people hang on to those mementos that have just a tad bit of cool to them.

At last year’s Monster Dash we gave out some of the scariest awards ever.  Hand painted skulls, very elaborately decorated.  Those were so well received that we will once again feature them.  A Grande Muchas Gracias to local artists Dan Knobbe and Agustin Delgado for their fine work and contribution.

The HITS Running Festivals roll into town this weekend.  I’m hopping in the 5K on Saturday morning.   On Sunday riding lead bike for the 10K and then doubling back to bring the women’s leader in for the marathon.  I’ve been putting a few hard miles in on the Felt just to prepare.

This whole Bo Pelini dropping the F bomb a couple of years ago.  I’m interested in the posturing and words between him and Tom Shatel more than anything else.  The most profound words to come out of the entire ordeal were in Shatel’s column today.
“You can’t be that school that fires a coach after a cheap shot from an anonymous person, looking for revenge or a thrill.”


This little paper weight is a treasure.  My very first 10K and hardware, I was hooked.

95rftaVenus de Milo statuettes were the awards at my 1995 Run For The Arts.  We had local artists produce the awards for 8 years running.

skullEach skull for this year’s Monster Dash is hand painted and decorated.  Spooktacular indeed!