From the inside cover of “World Class Formula for Running Improvement”, Training and Racing systems for middle and long distance running, 1976, Billy Squires.
If You think You are Beaten, You are.
If You think You Dare not, You don’t.
If You’d like to Win, but You think
You Can’t
It’s almost a cinch
You Won’t
If You think You’ll Lose, You’ve Lost.
For out in the World You Find Success
Begins with
A Fellow’s Will
It’s all in the State of Mind.

Squires was Boston Billy Rodgers coach back in the day and was one of the most influential coaches in the world for a time.  I shared a room with Billy Squires at the Twin Cities Marathon one year and got to hear many great tales, one that particularly stands out involved Squires serving as a “translator” for Finnish Olympic Legend Lasse Viren.  I came away with a tale or two of my own from the man, would love to share in a not so public forum.

Our mate Aubrey Baxter is currently ranked 12th in the U.S. in the Hammer Throw with a toss of 212′ 2″ at last weekends competition in Tuscon, AZ.  Aubrey will be competing at the USA National Outodoor Championships and  the USA Club Championships this summer. 

Interesting article in this morning’s OWH Sports Page.  Kevin White does his analysis of the top performances in the recently closed Nebraska and Iowa State T&F Championships.  The Dream matchup for me would be to pit Shelby Houlihan against Aubree Worden in the 1500 or 1 mile.  I guess we’ll have to wait until they meet collegiately (Houlihan is going to Arizona State, Worden to Floriday State).

Wednesday Night Track Work, 6:00 pm at Millard West, weather permitting!  With summer nearly here, we should be finished up with our marathon and half marathon training and will combine with the others but we’ll break it down into 3 levels.
1.5-2.0 mile warm up
Beginning- 6 X 400 at goal 5K race pace, 2 sets of 3 with 1:00 recovery between efforts, 2:00 recovery between sets
Intermediate- 8 X 400 at goal 5K race pace, 2 sets of 4 with 1:00 recovery between efforts, 2:00 between sets
Advanced- 10 X 400 at goal 5K race pace, 2 sets of 5 with the above described recoveries

Part of last year’s USA Club T&F Championships team  in San Francisco, L to R:
Kneeling: Jeni Steiner, El Gallo, Aubrey Baxter, Matt Pohren
Standing: LeRon Williams, Aaron Bozarth, Angee Henry, Michaela vd Westhuizen, Paul Wilson, Matt Schneider, Shannon Stenger, Nick Suing, Michael Saalfeld, Luka Thor.