If I can borrow some ridiculously unfounded braggadocio from my old buddy Pompadourz I think I’ll train up for a top 10 finish at this fall’s USA Masters 5K National Championships.  This is what was on my mind yesterday as I was cranking out quarter mile repeats out in the dojo, the rain just pouring down.  It was the first time in a Very Long time that I have allowed the wheels to spin freely and it was liberating to say the least.  Shedding the shackles of lethargy clamped on by the too many miles of marathon training.  Feeling spry and young and fast if only for 85 seconds at a pop.  Remembering the freedom of unencumbered full length striding, the rush of strength and confidence still able to incite dreams of an age ago.

The dozen plus community runners that showed up at Millard West last night dream too.  Though the weather had continued to worsen throughout the day these hearty folks with goals to fill lined up and set off on their own 400 meter opportunities of self awareness.  While it isn’t always easy to get out and run in the rain it really is one of the primal pleasures associated with running.  The rain washing away not only the troubles of the day but also the accumulating fatigue of your Greater Good.  As I always say, “A Great Day For Runners & Ducks!”

We toured the new Boystown 5 Mile course with Race Director Brooke Wittrock yesterday.  Linda  provided pointers on where key volunteer assignments were necessary, I made a couple of observations/recommendations about the course that will hopefully prove useful.  Over 1700 entered for the 5 Mile and total entries on pace to break last year’s record 3000+. 

Thanks to Michelle Reitz for the Heads Up!  A car window was smashed and a purse grabbed from a vehicle parked in the Life Time Fitness parking lot.  It is a huge lot and there is no security on premises.  Don’t leave your valuables visible, it is just an invitation for a crook!

Steve Prefonatine is probably the most famous Duck to ever run.  He is captured here on two Sportscaster Trading Cards, circa 1978.  I bought these babies on ebay 15 years ago and have watched their value absolutely skyrocket.  I’ve got the full collection of running cards and will periodically feature others for your viewing and education.