Yesterday afternoon I took mates Justin Mollak & Linda Barnhart for a run on the new Boystown 5 Mile course.  I nipped Justin at the line for a Course Record that lasted all of 16 hours.
It was cool to be the lead bike this morning, best seat in the house to watch the race develop.  Jordan Tucker and Justin ran 1-2  early but the hills and wind took their toll, first on Justin then jumping on Jordo who still managed a 3rd place overall.  Kaci Lickteig took the overall women’s title.  Kraig Vanderbeek contined his domination of the masters ranks as did Roxi Erickson. 

As the lead women were coming in we had a runner go down on the course, a young lad of 16 that required immediate assistance.  A couple other heat related emergencies, thanks to and good work by the Boystown Fire Department.  It was brutally hot with temps in the mid 80s by the time the majority of the runners were coming in.  The 35-40 mph winds didn’t make it any easier, I’m sure there will be plenty of asterisks in training logs.  I’ll try and get full results linked up by manana.

Hope you all have friends and family close today.  Be sure and take a moment and remember those that made the ultimate sacrifice. 

Those crazy Lindgrens!  Gerry, perhaps the greatest American distance runner in history, and your scribe.  Gerry was kind enough to spend an entire weekend with me, Mike Morgan, and Nick Rector when he was in Portland, OR for his induction into the USATF Hall of Fame.  I know those fellas made some life long memories and sure I’ll never forget the man, the legend, that is Gerry Lindgren.