Winner Serena Burla did it in 1:10:48.  Twentieth place finisher Rene Baillie also did it in 1:14:55.  In between there were 18 other female runners that qualified for the 2016 Olympic Trials Marathon by hitting the sub 1:15:00 half marathon standard.   The Houston Half Marathon is fast folks.  The women’s race also heralded in the newest generation of young stars, seven of the top 10 are 26 or younger.  As it always is, as it always should be, youth is served.

There are outliers though.  Thirty eight years old, Meb took it to the young studs by winning his 22nd national title in 1:01:23.  Fourteen of the top 18 men are 28 or younger, the top 22 finishers in under 1:04:00, 32 finished under 1:05:00, good enough for the Men’s Olympic Trials Standard.  Looking pretty darned good.

Luka Thor, age 27,  was the only Nebraskan in the race finishing 58th in 1:07:42.

That’s why I always dig our national champs.  You take a local stud like Luka, put him in a national caliber field, and the narrative on what yet needs be done is clear as a bell.

NRGE made another trip to the Manawa 10K on Saturday morning.  Our mates battled the brutal conditions, the competition, and each other.  We got a little fired up when one of the racers referred to my kit as a costume.  Keep feeding us, we like it, it makes us hungrier.



Jerrod Anzalone (bright green), Walter Key to his right, and Pete Kostelnick furthest right blast off with the command.  Your top 3 finishers had concluded a 12 mile training run prior to the 6.2 mile tempo portion of the morning’s run.  Stacy Mangers and I sporting our colorful cotton t-shirt.  Individualized kits, one of the rules for NRGE is that there are no rules outside of USATF membership.  Quite the pendulous leap eh?  Glad we have your attention now.  We’re taking our merry little troupe down to Plattsmouth this coming Saturday, see you there.

Run Guru Says and Nebraska Run Guru Events, LLC proudly endorse Democrat David Domina in his bid for the Nebraska U.S. Senate Seat.  One of Nebraska’s most prominent trial lawyers, born in Cambridge, grew up as a rancher, and still one at heart.   And a buddy of mine and Linda’s.